Our Story

AHN Foundation was born from our CEO, Alicia Coulter’s desire to provide life-saving health education and equitable access to health navigation services to the Black community. With over 10 years of experience working in healthcare, Alicia has witnessed several marginalized families lose their loved ones due to medical racism, as there was a lack of attention to saving Black lives. Alicia decided to leave the hospital and managed care altogether while focusing on using her experience in community-based work. 


Our Mission & Vision

AHN Foundation’s mission is to reduce the rates of racism by providing equitable services, health and wellness education, and aid in community capacity building within the Black community.

Community capacity building is when the community is given the power of self determination. Community capacity building allows the to determine what concerns they have and are empowered to develop and implement programming to reduce the concerns with their community.


In 2018, AHN only worked one-on-one with families that needed medical insurance assessment and knowledge on an “easier” way to access health care providers. For approximately two-years, AHN serviced over 100 families providing health navigation services. We raised funds and had a few cash paying clients that would donate additional funds to help offset some of the costs. 


Then, the pandemic changed everything. We went into survival mode and devised a plan to support the pandemic. Our first funding came from the first EVER Black centric funding source from the City of Long Beach to increase health equity for the Black community. This source later became known as the Black Health Equity Collaborative of Long Beach. Through this funding, we were able to provide culturally sensitive health education to over 350 Black Families and over 10 Black Serving Organizations. 


From January 2021 through 2022, we continued to serve Los Angeles County through partnerships from the California Department of Public Health, City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, Sierra Health Foundation, California Community Foundation, American Heart Association, City of Compton, Charles Communication Group, East Side Riders Bike Club, Cedars Saini, Southern California Edison, Long Beach  Unified School District, Chosen Generation Fellowship Church, Faithful Central Bible Church, The Center, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Tau Beta Omega Chapter, and more. These partnerships allowed AHN to service over 4000 Black Community Members during a critical moment in our nation. 


As America shifted from pandemic management to overall health equity management, AHN continued to focus on the health equity status of the nuclear Black family. In 2023, we developed more programs for the Black community. Some of our partnerships include: First 5, Best Start, Well Baby, The Center, and Sierra Health Foundation. 

Our Core Values


We believe in providing Safe Spaces for Black Women.


We meet the community where they are and not where society wants them to be.

Black Family

We believe in protecting and providing safe spaces for the Black family.


We believe in providing a communal space for the Black family to receive education.


We believe in recycling Black dollars to help increase the financial stability within the Black community.


We will employ young professionals and cultivate them into thought leaders that will continue the legacy of the elevation of the Black community.

Our Programs

We use unique, cutting edge tools to ensure our programming and offerings  are  top tier.

Save Black Women’s Lives through Safe Spaces for Black Women

The Save Black Women’s Lives Project is funded by First 5 through their Best Start Network Grant and the State of Calfiornia, Department of Healthcare Services. This program will provide 150 Black women in Los Angeles County access to safe spaces to discuss the health and wellness concerns with industry leaders and respected professionals. 

Our Health Navigation Classes are funded through our partnership with LA Care Health Plan and Blue Shield Promise. The goal of these classes is to provide health education to attendees to increase their knowledge of their medical coverage, how to pick a physician, reducing their risk of not managing a healthcare emergency, and more.

Bringing Cultural Awareness and Protecting Black Families in Healthcare training. These trainings are available at a negotiated rate and will provide necessary information and knowledge for all in attendance. AHN Foundation curates these trainings in partnership with your organization based on your needs and concerns.

Facilitated by our CEO, Alicia and will occur monthly. She will cover new topics and have a special guest each week.

Our Partners